Registration is now Open for our 2019 csa Program!!

What is a CSA?

Community-Supported Agriculture, CSA, is a convenient solution to providing your family with fresh produce each week while supporting your local farm. Through the support of CSA members, farms are able to get a start to their year by purchasing seed, compost, and tools, while CSA members get a share of seasonal, fresh, and healthy vegetables every week. Seasonal eating at its best!

What is the advantage of joining a CSA? Is the CSA program a good fit for me? 

Our CSA is wonderful for those who like to try new and different veggies and for those who like to cook a few times per week, without waiting in line at a farmer’s market or at the grocery store. We do our best to provide our members with the highest quality and freshest vegetables on the market. This translates to better flavor and more nutrients, as well as a longer shelf life and less waste.

No one likes to waste vegetables, so we offer two different size shares.

Full Share: 7-9 items with pick-up every week.
Partial Share: 7-9 items with pick-up every other week

Our CSA program will run for 24 weeks from April 30th to October 8th.

Pick-up (choose between):

18021 Bowie Mill Road, Derwood, MD, Tuesdays 5-7 pm. 
The Happy Yogi 16650 Georgia Avenue, Olney, MD Thursdays 6-8 pm.
Derwood Farmers Market
16501 Redland Road, Derwood, MD Saturdays 9-1 pm.


Our CSA runs around $30 per week. See the chart below for the totals.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.25.52 PM.jpg

What kind of veggies would we get? 

Spring: lettuce, kale, chard, spring onions, broccolini, radishes, turnips, asian greens, carrots, beets, spinach, arugula 
Summer: tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, slicers), peppers, cucumbers, greens, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, onions, herbs, garlic 
Fall: carrots, lettuce mixes, kale, chard, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, turmeric, ginger, broccolini, fennel, leeks, collards, microgreens

Sample Shares:

Spring: 1 bag arugula, 1 bag baby kale, 1 bag spinach, 1 bunch radish, 1 bunch spring garlic, 1 bunch chives, 1 bunch turnips, 1 bunch tatsoi 
Summer: 1 bunch kale, 1 bag microgreens, 2 pounds summer squash, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 2 pounds heirloom tomatoes, 1 bunch carrots, 2 bell peppers 
Fall: 1 bunch leeks, 1 bunch chard, 2 pounds winter squash, 2 pounds sweet potatoes, 1 bunch beets, , 1 bag lettuce mix, 1 bunch radishes, 1 piece turmeric

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Full Share CSA
705.00 740.00

24 weeks of delicious, nutritious vegetables harvested and packed every Tuesday. If you are serious about you, and your family, eating vegetables, this is your best option.

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Partial Share CSA
360.00 375.00

This is our 12 week partial share CSA. A great option if you love vegetables, but aren’t ready to receive a bag every week.

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